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 Joining the Swim School

SwimTastic runs 4 terms per year that coincide with the NZ public schools Schedule which caters for
babies – adult swimming. In-between these we run week long holiday blocks for ages 3+

Follow these steps to join:

  1. Fill in the new client registration form,
  2. Determine your child’s level. You may be able to do this yourself by reading though our
    level descriptions. If you need to discuss level with us please feel free to call 09 5270010 or
    email a description of your child’s capabilities through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  3. Read : SwimTastic Swim School Terms and Conditions,
  4. Book a class: You can view and book classes at

What to Bring: Ages 3+

  • Swimming Cap (For ages 3 + caps are compulsory. We have several options at reception to
  • Swimming togs
  • Goggles
  • Towel

What to Bring: Babies and Tot Classes

  • Guardian participation
  • Togs for both child and adult accompanying
  • Tight fitting swimmers nappy
  • Towels
  • Change of clothing for afterwards
  • Snack and drink for afterwards


We advise arriving 10 – 15 minutes prior to the start time of your lesson to allow time for parking. If
you need assistance finding your instructor reception can point you in the right direction. (After the
first lesson you can bypass reception and check in with instructors)

Swim Wear: Ages 3+

Cap and goggles
We recommend snug fitting togs and advise against rash tops and board shorts as they can
hinder swimming progress.

Swim Wear: Babies and Tots

Caps and goggles are NOT compulsory at these levels, however once at the Aquatots
advanced/ transition levels we do start to encourage children to start to wear them.
A tight-fitting swimmers nappy must be worn by all that are not yet toilet trained. These can
be purchased in supermarkets (found next to regular nappies) or at reception.


If you need to bring your pushchair into the facility we ask that you park them away from
entries and exits allowing people to pass easily.

Eating Prior to Lessons

3+ We do not recommend eating within 30 minutes of lessons to reduce risk of tummy
cramps and upsets
Babies and tots: please avoid feeding within an hour of lessons to reduce spills.

Eating after Lessons

Pool deck and change rooms are food free zones.
Food and drink can be enjoyed in the reception area.
Babies and Tots: We do recommend having and snack available for your little ones after

Entering the Pool

All swimmers must wait to be asked to enter the water by their instructor. Safe entries and
exits will be demonstrated and encouraged each lesson.

Should a swimmer be unable to attend their lesson please, notify Reception by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible. If the absence is due to illness, please refer to our Make-up Policy procedure.


Assessments are carried out by all Instructors in approximately week 5. Clients will receive an email detailing their assessment. Should a swimmer be assessed as  "(Same)", this means that your child has been recommended to stay at the same level, and as a courtesy will receive a rollover booking (please refer to our Rollover Policy)
If a swimmer is assessed to move up a level the assessment of (“Up”) will appear. This will require the client to rebook on Opening Day (refer to Booking Procedure Policy).

As a courtesy, SwimTastic offers a “roll over” booking to those swimmers who have been assessed to remain at the same level for the following Term. This is an identical booking to their current Term eg. Day/ Time*/ Instructor**
(NB: * Program is subject to change from time to time and **Subject to Instructor being available)

A $100.00 deposit is required immediately to secure this booking.
Should you not wish to take this booking, please notify Reception immediately on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Booking Procedure

Bookings will open in week seven of the current Term for the upcoming Term. This will occur at 6.30am on a given day. You will receive notification of this in advance. Bookings can be taken through our Web Portal or via Email and Phone.



Web Portal Bookings:

When making a booking with the Web Portal, the course fee will be charged to your credit card. 

To use our online booking system (Web Portal), the main contact (parent) will need to activate a password for your family account (NB: if you already have created a password you will not need to do this again unless you have forgotten it).

To set up/reset your password, click on this link:
We encourage the main contact (parent) to get a password well in advance of bookings opening and become familiar with how the Web Portal works.
View all classes online:


Email and Phone Bookings  

Bookings can also be made by contacting Reception through email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone - 527-0010. SwimTastic will process bookings in the order they are received.

A Booking Confirmation will be sent out with all information for the upcoming courses you have booked. Please check these details and contact us immediately should there be an error.

Change of Details

Should a change of details occur, please notify reception immediately. Maintaining accurate contact details remains the responsibility of our clients to stay fully informed of products, services, booking information and e-mail confirmations.     



Termly Rates:

  • 20 Minute Babies(Snugglebubs & Waterbabies): $19.50 per lesson
  • Baby and tot levels : $20.00 per lesson
  • 30 minute levels : $20.50 per lesson
  • 40 minute levels : $21.00 per lesson
  • 1 hour levels $21.50 per lesson

Casual Lessons:

$25.00 per lesson. These can only be booked on the day of a lesson in a class with an available space -
you must check that there is no makeup lesson already booked in for that time slot, by contacting reception (ph 09 5270010 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Private Lesson Packages:

  • Private lesson fees are based around the Teacher taking the private lesson and range from $70.00 to $110.  per private.


  • Casual Adult class $15.00
  • Casual Adult Lap swim $10.00
  • Casual Senior $7.50

Adult Subscription:

  • 12 month - $999
  • 6 month - $575
  • 1 month - $105

Senior Subscription:

  • 12 month -$ 449
  • 6 month -$ 289
  • 1 month - $52


Note: From September 30th 2019 SwimTastic will be moving to a monthly subscription. 

Once a booking has been made it is confirmed and a $100.00 deposit is required immediately per booking, with the remaining balance due on week one of the new Term or day one of the Holiday Block enrolled.

When making a booking through our Web Portal, the total course fee will apply.

Payments can be made over the phone (527 0010) or at reception using Cash, EFTPOS, VISA and MasterCard

Payments are also accepted using Internet Banking:
SwimTastic Ltd - BNZ - ACCT NO: 02-0108-0431902-000                                               

Please use account phone number and surname of the swimmer(s) as the reference. 

Please Note:

    1. We do not take pencil/tentative bookings. Once a booking has been made it is a confirmed booking.  Full payment is due on week one of the new Term or day one of the Holiday Block enrolled.
      Full payment is also accepted at the time of booking.
    2. Any withdrawal from the programme will incur a $50.00 Administration/Cancelation Fee.
    3. SwimTastic reserves the right to change any teacher at any time at our discretion
    4. SwimTastic offers ONE make up lesson per term, due to an illness of the child subject to availability. (A Medical Certificate may be requested by SwimTastic for our records.) Our full Make-up Policy is available on our website.
    5. For the health and well-being of all SwimTastic customers, swimming caps are compulsory for all swimmers 3 years of age and over.
    6. SwimTastic’s primary form of communication is through email. It remains our client’s responsibility to keep their details up to date to receive all service updates/ booking information /confirmation.

    Contact reception for all enquires on ph.09 527 0010 or email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Please note privates are subject to availability of the facility and the instructor/s.

Once a booking has been made, it is taken as a confirmed booking and any withdrawal from the programme will incur a $50.00 Cancellation/Administration Fee. Late withdrawals prohibit others from booking into this class.