You Remain booked in.

Once you are booked into the new system, you will remain enrolled!
Maintaining your day and time slot.

Monthly Billing.

You will be billed on the first day of each month, for that month. Each payment run will occur on the first of each month and you will be charged for the full month. (E.g.) 1 July charge is for the entire month of July. Most months will have four classes, with the odd month of 5.

Holidays are Automatically Paused.

SwimTastic will automatically pause payments and classes for School and Public Holidays. Due to the monthly system you will remain booked in for when classes resume after the holidays.

You can enrol anytime.

The good news is you can enrol part way through a month. You will only be charged from the week you start, and the invoice for that part month will be included in the next payment run or can be paid upfront.


If you wish to withdraw you must let us know in writing prior to the new month. You are charged for a full month and cannot suspend payment once the month starts. (In special circumstances, SwimTastic will use it's discretion).


Prior to the Direct Debit going out, you will receive a notification showing the charge for the upcoming month. This can be used to ensure you have sufficient funds in the nominated bank account that the Direct Debit comes out of.

Other Payment Methods.

SwimTastic does accept other payment methods such as Cash, Credit Card and Bank Deposits. These payments methods require an upfront payment for the month ahead.

Constant Assessment.

Our instructors will be constantly assessing all swimmers. When they are ready to move up a level, the change can happen immediately through reception.

Holiday Programme.

SwimTastic runs an intensive programme during school holidays. This programme is fantastic to accelerate progression and skill development, with a class each day to reinforce skills.

Web Portal.

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